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“As a low vision optometrist for over 17 years, I have evaluated hundreds
of innovative tools to help the blind and visually impaired and I cannot think
of an innovation that is more efficient as the Eye-Pal. I started using it
myself to remain productive with the onset of my own loss of vision.”
Dr. Bill Takeshita
Chief of Optometry,
Center for the Partially Sighted – Santa Monica, CA






What Folks Are Saying About Our Solutions

  You can read their words below or even see the video. Justin Romack of Town, State on using Eye-Pal


"I wanted to let you know what a wonderful product Zoom-Ex has been for me. I have owned your product for over 4 years and it still works as good as the day I pulled it out of its box. Because of the flexibility built into your options, the Zoom-Ex technology allows me to do a lot more reading over shorter periods of time thus giving me additional freedom to do other things that I enjoy." —T.L., Phoenix, MD

“Eye-Pal SOLO LV is the most exiting Low Vision device to come out in the last 5 years.” —Dan Robert, Director of MD Support, The Eyes of the Macular Degeneration Community

"Dear Leon and Lena,
I want to commend you for the development of the Eye-Pal.  As a low vision optometrist for over 17 year, I have been exposed to hundreds of new innovations to help the blind and visually impaired to perform their daily tasks and job activities efficiently. Of all the inventions that I have evaluated and recommended, I cannot think of an innovation that is more efficient for the blind as the Eye-Pal.

In 2004, I was forced to retire because of my own loss of vision. Although it was so ironic, it "opened my eyes" to the need for assisting technology for the totally blind.  Since my retirement, I have been involved innumerous legal matters as an expert witness.  I tried using virtually every piece of assisting technology to read documents and depositions aloud form.  Although many of these were successful, they were very slow and sluggish.  After trying the Eye-Pal, I cannot tell you how much it has made my job more efficient.  No longer do I have to wait 20 to 30 seconds before my computer begins to read.  The Eye-Pal reads the text in less than two or three seconds.  In addition, the accuracy of the optical character recognition is excellent!

I hope you will share this information to others who are in need of a portable device that can accurately read text in a quick and efficient  manner."
with much appreciation, —Dr. Bill Takeshita, Chief of Optometry,Center for the Partially Sighted, Santa Monica, CA

"Dear Fellow Diplomat,

In the thirty-five years since receiving my Diplomat in low vision rehabilitation, I have had the opportunity to evaluate and test many low
vision devices. Approximately one year ago, I evaluated a device that has gotten me quite excited--Eye-Pal from ABiSee, Inc. It can be used for low vision patients, for patients with severe low vision and even patients who are totally blind.

This August I saw a new device from the same company Eye-Pal SOLO. It is designed so that even the most computer illiterate person can instantly read any printed text. However, with some computer literacy it can be used to an extent beyond imagination. I’m using both devices myself." —Bob Gold, Low Vision Diplomat 1975

“It is amazing how many people with low vision have a CCTV that was funded by their agencies. Some CCTV users have conditions where their vision decreases but they keep using their CCTV’s as long as they can. They use it basically to read their mail and other papers, look at labels on food packages, read their magazines and books. Until now, there was nothing like this for blind people. But I think Eye-Pal SOLO is exactly that: The CCTV equivalent for a blind person. That’s the impression I’m getting from calling Eye-Pal SOLO users. ‘Solo is so simple and easy to use. It helps me with my daily tasks... So, if low-vision people get a CCTV, portable or other, through their agencies in order to better function in daily life, then, a blind person should be able to obtain a Eye-Pal SOLO for the same purposes.

During my work as a teacher I met many clients for whom it was an awful struggle to learn to use a computer. I realized that these clients would never be able to get much done using a computer or a PDA. If I were teaching now, I would know exactly what I would recommend for these clients: the Eye-Pal SOLO” —Unanimous

“Setting up the Eye-Pal SOLO couldn’t have been easier. I unpacked it, placed it on a table, inserted the pole with the camera into a hole at the rear of the unit, connected the camera cable, and plugged in the power supply. I powered up the unit, and after a short warm-up, a clear female synthesized voice instructed me to “Place your document.” I grabbed the only piece of paper I could find in the shipping carton, put it on top of the box, and waited. After a couple of audible clicks and about 10 seconds, that same synthesized voice began reading the first page of what turned out to be a quick-start guide, which described the five front panel controls and their functions. I removed the piece of paper from the top of the box, and was again instructed to “Place your document,” so I grabbed an envelope from a stack of mail and put it on top of the box.
After reading a few more pieces of mail, I realized that this incredibly simple scanning appliance is truly a marvelous machine. Now, at long last, I can quickly sort my own mail, deciding what to throw away and what to keep, what to read immediately and what to read later with sighted assistance. The Eye-Pal SOLO may not be for everyone, but the independence it gives me is worth every penny I paid for it. Kudos to ABiSee for a great product!”
—Steven Dresser


Made in USA Department of Veterans Affairs
ABiSee is the leading worldwide developer and provider of audio-visual image enabling solutions for the blind and visually challenged. Our advanced technology product line comprises augmentative, assistive and adaptive tools—applications and devices—that enhance the lives, independence and productivity of the users they serve. ABiSee solutions include productivity tools for the workplace and classroom as well as life enrichment tools for the home. ABiSee markets to publicly funded organizations and direct to end users in the USA, South America, Europe, Australia, India and Japan through its worldwide dealer network.