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Excel in the classroom with Zoom-Twix

Zoom-Twix Features

  • Portable: Weighs just two pounds and folds down like a tripod to travel in your laptop bag
  • Intelligent Design: Folding black anodized aluminum support legs act as an alignment guide for material to be scanned
  • Fast OCR: because you can’t afford to let anything slow you down
  • Four-Tools-In-One:
    • Blackboard Autofocus CCTV Camera (Zoom-Frog)
    • Instant Reader: It’s the world’s first instant book-to-speech tool—our proprietary OCR software provides lightning fast performance for real-time page-to-speech. Click here for more info.
    • Smart Magnifier: It’s a magnifier that eliminates the need for an X-Y table and delivers text wrapping on screen for easy reading. Click here for more info.
    • Book Scanner-Reader: It’s a fast 20ppm scanner (allowing you to keep books bound and intact) that provides you with OCR. Click here for more info.

Minimum System Requirements

  • An IBM compatible personal computer
  • 1.4 GHz Pentium or equivalent AMD processor
  • 512 MB RAM Memory (1GB is recommended for Zoom-Ex or Zoom-Twix)
  • 450 MB free space on Hard Drive
  • High Speed USB 2.0 port (two USB 2.0 ports for Zoom-Twix)
  • Microsoft Windows® XP (strongly recommended) or Vista (32 bit)
  • Vista 64 is not supported by current release





Excel In the Office or Classroom With Zoom-Twix:
The Ultimate Productivity Tool for Low Vision Students and Professionals

Whether you want to move up the corporate ladder or move to the top of your class, Zoom-Twix can help.

Zoom-Twix takes the easy to use proven technology of Zoom-Ex and does it one better by adding a zoomable long distance camera to capture what’s on a blackboard, whiteboard, on your desk or in the room—at any zoom, all controlled from your laptop’s keyboard.

Zoom-Twix is extremely easy to use, the foldable stand holds two cameras:

Zoom-Ex is a still digital scanning camera that is always at the exact position needed to create a clear image. Zoom-Ex is a still digital scanning camera that is always at the exact position needed to create a clear image. Low vision users know exactly where to place the material to be read because they can touch and feel L-shaped edges of the stand.
Zoom-Frog is a flexible auto-focus CCTV camera that allows to view and save magnified image of the blackboard and write under magnification.

Zoom-Twix will turn you into a fast learner a lot easier than you’d think.
Thanks to our patented motion detector, you can scan an entire book at 20 pages per minute without pushing a button—all you have to do is turn the pages. Scan odd pages separately from the even ones, scan upside down, scan both pages at once—our software will put everything in order. Convert any printed text into multiple accessible formats like speech, large print, sound file, text file, etc.—in seconds.

Information? Have it your way, on your terms, in your time with Zoom-Twix

  1. Take your text with you to listen or read at you leisure
  2. Wraps magnified text within the screen
  3. Take exams and fill out forms under magnification
  4. View snapshots of blackboards, whiteboards, people, environments and objects whenever, wherever you want
  5. Voice indicators and instructions keep it simple to operate
Made in USA Department of Veterans Affairs
ABiSee is the leading worldwide developer and provider of audio-visual image enabling solutions for the blind and visually challenged. Our advanced technology product line comprises augmentative, assistive and adaptive tools-applications and devices-that enhance the lives, independence and productivity of the users they serve. ABiSee solutions include productivity tools for the workplace and classroom as well as life enrichment tools for the home. ABiSee markets to publicly funded organizations and direct to end users in the USA, South America, Europe, Australia, India and Japan through its worldwide dealer network.