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Minimum System Requirements

  • An IBM compatible personal computer
  • 1.4 GHz Pentium or equivalent AMD processor
  • 512 MB RAM Memory (1GB is recommended for Zoom-Ex or Zoom-Twix)
  • 450 MB free space on Hard Drive
  • High Speed USB 2.0 port (two USB 2.0 ports for Zoom-Twix)
  • Microsoft Windows® XP (strongly recommended) or Vista (32 bit)
  • Vista 64 is not supported by current release


Your Lightweight, On the Go Solution

Faster than a flatbed scanner and weighing in at just one pound, Eye-Pal is an extremely portable USB device with a simple diminutive design that belies its powerful capabilities.

With a single keystroke, the Eye-Pal instantly converts printed material into speech, text files or refreshable Braille.

Eye-Pal’s Intelligent Design & Engineering: It Doesn’t Get Much Easier Than This.

We designed simplicity and ease of use into all facets of the Eye-Pal. Its two lightweight aluminum anodized legs pivot into a L-shaped position from their compact carrying position. The L-shape configuration securely supports the Eye-Pal, assures that its scanning camera is always at the exact distance to obtain a crystal clear image and serves as a tactile guide for blind users to precisely position the material to be scanned. No camera focus adjustments are ever necessary.

The Eye-Pal Works Fast To Push Your Productivity Up
At home, at the office, even in the dark, Eye-Pal allows you to browse through piles of letters and organize them either as paper or computer files. Eye-Pal can assist with reading bound books, newspapers, or professional magazines and can even save the printed material as text or sound with one click.

Eye-Pal’s patented motion detector can scan up to 20 pages per minute in a bound book. Just turn a page in your book and wait for the shutter sound. After you hear the shutter sound turn the page again. It's that easy. With a single keystroke you can easily start and stop scanning or reading or get the description of the page layout spoken as a sighted reader sees it.

Bring your saved audio with you anywhere by uploading it on to your iPod, or key chain memory, and burning it onto CDs and more.

Less is more Eye-Pal’s intelligent
design aligns your text.

Less is more Eye-Pal weighs just
one pound and is extremely portable.

Made in USA Department of Veterans Affairs
ABiSee is the leading worldwide developer and provider of audio-visual image enabling solutions for the blind and visually challenged. Our advanced technology product line comprises augmentative, assistive and adaptive tools-applications and devices-that enhance the lives, independence and productivity of the users they serve. ABiSee solutions include productivity tools for the workplace and classroom as well as life enrichment tools for the home. ABiSee markets to publicly funded organizations and direct to end users in the USA, South America, Europe, Australia, India and Japan through its worldwide dealer network.