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“As a low vision optometrist for over 17 years, I have evaluated hundreds
of innovative tools to help the blind and visually impaired. I cannot think
of an innovation that is more efficient as the Eye-Pal. I started using it
myself to remain productive with the onset of my own loss of vision.”
Dr. Bill Takeshita
Chief of Optometry, Center for the Partially Sighted – Santa Monica, CA

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Made in USA Department of Veterans Affairs
ABiSee is the leading worldwide developer and provider of audio-visual image enabling solutions for the blind and visually challenged. Our advanced technology product line comprises augmentative, assistive and adaptive tools-applications and devices-that enhance the lives, independence and productivity of the users they serve. ABiSee solutions include productivity tools for the workplace and classroom as well as life enrichment tools for the home. ABiSee markets to publicly funded organizations and direct to end users in the USA, South America, Europe, Australia, India and Japan through its worldwide dealer network.